Don't eat that ...

Making heart-healthy incredible food is my passion.

My Story

My entire life changed a few months ago when at 34 years old I had a massive heart attack. I was a normal healthy guy. I'm not a drinker, don't smoke, no drugs, I worked a lot, but I am a creative type, so my work is not physically strenuous. I even had normal blood pressure and my cholesterol levels were perfect. I managed my diet, by eating low calorie organic whole foods, and I closely monitored my sugar intake. I have no family history and no typical risk factors for heart disease, but I had what is called the widow maker, a heart attack in an important artery that is normally fatal, and then I developed a fatal arrhythmia that stopped my heart again about a week later. It was luck, faith, skill, and love that saved my life not once but twice and it has made me think very carefully about what I do with my time.

This blog is how I believe I can help myself and others that face similar challenges as me. It is also for me and from what I can tell a new way to cook that is heart healthy and not boring or gross.

Crazy Diet

I have a crazy diet. I am allergic to corn and shellfish. Then because of my heart condition, I can’t eat red meat, limited Vit. K (no leafy greens), no foods high in saturated fat (No fatty meats, no cheese, no junk food), no caffeine, limited sugar intake, limited fluids and no added salt. It is troublesome to cook with a diet like mine and eating out is just about impossible.

Why "Don't eat that..."

Recently, at my dietician’s office, I noticed a small frame on the wall.  It was a small New Yorker style comic and it depicted a doctor and a patient sitting in an office.  The caption under the strip said, “Doctor’s four prescriptions for heart patients; Don’t eat that, definitely don’t eat this, you can’t eat those, and never eat any of that other stuff.”  I still laugh every time I think about it.  This blog is not about what not to eat, your doctor will tell you that, but about finding ways to cook that are delicious and no one can say, “Hey!! Don’t eat that!!!”

Avocado and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches!!!

Avocado and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches!!!

September 19, 2017

Breakfast is hard.  I am not sure why… scrambled eggs without salt is sad, and onion/garlic powder makes them overly savory for in the morning. Then removing the fat makes them stick to the pan. It’s a frustrating mess. This sandwich ups the ante with a healthy fried egg cooked just over medium. Avocado adds … Read More

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