My entire life changed a few months ago when at 34 years old I had a massive heart attack.  I was a normal healthy guy.  I’m not a drinker, don’t smoke, no drugs, I worked a lot, but I am a creative type, so my work is not physically strenuous.  I even had normal blood pressure and my cholesterol levels were perfect.  I managed my diet, by eating low calorie organic whole foods, and I closely monitored my sugar intake.  I have no family history and no typical risk factors for heart disease, but I had a 98% blockage of my lower anterior descending.  I had what is called the widow maker, a heart attack in an important artery that is normally fatal, and then I developed a fatal arrhythmia that stopped my heart again about a week later.  It was luck, faith, skill, and love that saved my life not once but twice and it has made me think very carefully about what I do with my time.  This blog is how I believe I can help myself and others that face similar challenges as me.   It is also for me and from what I can tell a new way to cook that is heart healthy and not gross.